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Baby Zaydan | Nottingham baby and family photographer

Baby Zaydan | Nottingham baby and family photographer

Here are some photos from last weekend’s family portrait shoot in Nottingham with little Zaydan. The poor little thing was teething and was really feeling the pain, you could tell. We managed to get some great shots and I think we wore him out by the end. This is one of my personal favourites from the session. A real special moment shot to treasure for future years. There are many more great shots from our shoot for his parents to treasure for many years to come.

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Baby Nancy | Nottingham baby photography

Baby Nancy | Nottingham baby photography

A little while ago I had the pleasure of photographing this little sweetie pie. The very good natured baby Nancy was just about to turn six months old and was full of smiles. Mum and dad were very laid back, and that made the recipe for a very successful lifestyle location shoot at their home in Nottingham. Thank you for being such great models and clients guys! Here are a few photos from the shoot.

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Lifestyle Family Photography in Ravenshead

Lifestyle Family Photography in Ravenshead

Last summer I was asked to photograph a large family gathering at a house in Ravenshead, Nottingham. It was a beautiful house with an even more beautiful (and massive) garden. The family members were from 6 months old all the way up to the grand parents (and also the pets).

The goal was to get a shot of everyone together, some shots of each separate family unit,  and then try and get some candid more relaxed shots at the end as they chatted amongst themselves on the lawn.

Here are some of the images I captured. Let me know what you think ūüôā

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Nottingham Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Baby Jacob

Nottingham Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Baby Jacob

Up until recently I have only offered Studio sessions for newborn baby shoots. I found that this made it a whole lot easier for me to get the room prepared to the correct heat for the baby, set up the backdrops and get all the props ready for all the different scenes I was going to photograph with that baby that day. This tended to work very well for parents who wanted to have a studio style set up for their photos.

However, just recently, there has been a real trend for parents to ask for “lifestyle newborn shoots” at their own homes. This is already very popular in America. Examples of these types of photos can not only be seen bellow, but there are plenty more on my “Lifestyle Newborn Photography” pinterest page too.

Lifestyle newborn portraits tend to capture more of the interactions between the parents and the baby in their own natural environment, their family home.  If there are other siblings in the family then they are also photographed interacting with the new baby, with their parents as well as with each other. There is definitely more of a storytelling approach to this style of photography, than the traditional studio portrait sessions.

I have found that the comfort level of my clients tends to be much more relaxed in their own environment, which really shows in the final images. I allow the session to unfold naturally which yields images full of raw, genuine emotion. I may help Mum and Dad get comfortable on the bed or sofa, and get them into a position that allows me to shoot from a variety of angles, but once they’re ready, I try not to  interfere. I always start out with a wide establishing shot that sets the tone of the story. Sometimes I shoot through a door,  to create a sense of undisturbed candid observance. Few shots include direct eye contact, and the images flow like a story book.

Years from now, Mum and Dad will look at these photos, and be reminded of the sweetness of their newborn baby, those first cuddles, and their tender emotions. It may just be a short story of one lovely morning, but it’s a story that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Here’s the story of baby Jacob and his loving family.

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